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Jackson Mahomes, brother of NFL superstar Patrick, arrested and charged with sexual battery

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Jackson Mahomes, the younger brother of NFL superstar Patrick, was arrested and charged with sexual battery on Wednesday, according to court records.

Mahomes was charged with three counts of aggravated sexual battery and one of battery by the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office.

The 22-year-old was arrested at 7 a.m. ET on Wednesday and was booked into a detention center. He posted $100,000 bond and was released, court records show.

Jackson Mahomes has risen to fame in recent years with his social media content, including his TikTok account which has over a million followers.

Upon leaving court, he did not respond to reporters’ questions about the incident. A man escorting him said, “We can’t say anything right now, excuse us.”

In March, prior to charges being filed, Davies sent a statement to KCTV.

“We have provided law enforcement with the tools and evidence they need to evaluate the claims against Jackson,” the statement read, per KCTV. “Every interaction between people needs to be placed in the proper context. Releasing a short clip of any video does not provide proper context. We have faith in the process and look forward to a swift resolution of the matter.”

Mahomes has a court date scheduled for May 11.

Prosecutors allege in the criminal complaint that Mahomes “unlawfully and feloniously touch[ed] the person of another … who did not consent to the touching, with the intent to arouse or satisfy the sexual desires of the offender or another” and “unlawfully and knowingly cause[d] physical contact with another person … done in a rude, insulting, or angry manner.”

Court records also show that the judge instructed Mahomes that he cannot publicly comment on the case or the facts and can have no contact with the victim or any witnesses.

Mahomes’ brother, Patrick, is the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. He won his second Super Bowl title earlier this year.

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