Texas becomes latest state to ban puberty blockers, sex change surgeries for minors

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Texas has officially become the latest state to ban gender transitioning treatment for minors, including puberty blockers and sex change surgeries.

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 14 into law on Friday, adding his state to a growing list of more than a dozen other states that have enacted similar measures to halt what many have referred to as ‘child abuse.’ Texas is the nation’s second-largest state by population, after California.

The law will go into effect on Sep. 1, and will prohibit any sort of procedures like double mastectomies, puberty blockers, sex change surgeries and cross-sex hormones from being performed on underage girls and boys. The law will also prevent state funds being used on such procedures.

An exception is included in the law for minors that are already receiving puberty blockers or hormone treatments, as well as those that have already attended at least 12 mental health counseling sessions within six months prior to beginning treatment. It would, however, require those already receiving such care to be ‘weaned’ off in a medically appropriate manner. 

The medical licenses of those convicted of breaking the law could be revoked.

The bill passed the Texas state legislature last month with support from some Democrats, including Rep. Shawn Thierry – who represents the Houston area. 

‘I just don’t think this is something that we can play politics with. Children are not political pawns,’ Thierry said during an appearance on ‘Fox & Friends First’ ahead of the bill’s passage.

Fox News’ Louis Casiano contributed to this report.

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