GOP presidential contender Tim Scott to hit airwaves in early caucus state with massive seven-figure ad buy

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EXCLUSIVE: Republican presidential candidate and South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott will launch a massive seven-figure ad buy in the early caucus state of Iowa on Thursday, Fox News has learned.

The ad, titled, ‘Winning,’ is part of a larger $6 million buy, and includes Scott pushing back on the ‘victim’ state of mind he says exhibits what President Biden’s administration has given to America. It also acts as a response to First Lady Jill Biden referring to her husband as ‘the education president.’

‘Playing football taught me that it’s good to fight, but it’s better to win,’ Scott says in the ad, referencing his days as a high school and college football player. ‘In Joe Biden’s America, everybody gets a participation trophy, and everybody is a victim.’ 

‘The radical left is indoctrinating our children, teaching CRT instead of ABC, punishing excellence by eliminating honors classes and promoting a transgender ideology that’s ruining women’s sports. I’m Tim Scott and I approve this message because, as president, I’ll fight back, and I’ll win,’ he says.

Scott excelled at football in high school before earning a scholarship to play at Presbyterian college.

During a Tuesday event at the White House, Jill Biden told members of a teachers union, ‘I knew that Joe would always be the education president because he knows the success of our nation starts with you, the educators, who shape our students’ lives,’ despite the U.S. having decades low reading and math scores.

Scott is one of 13 candidates in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, and is one of two candidates from South Carolina – the other being former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley.

A June Fox News poll showed Scott tied in fifth place at 4% alongside former Vice President Mike Pence. Former President Donald Trump has maintained his front-runner status at 56%, followed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in a distant second at 22%.

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