Retired NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick buys Ricky Bobby’s home

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Retired NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick hasn’t been out of the game for even a month, yet he’s already living out every fan’s dream. Per the Charlotte Business Journal, in conjunction with Mecklenberg County Records in North Carolina, Harvick purchased a 12,042 square-foot mansion in late October, before his retirement announcement.

Why does this matter? Because the house Harvick is purchasing is the same house that fabled fictional driver Ricky Bobby lived in in the film ‘Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.’

What is ‘Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby’?

The movie, commonly shortened to ‘Talladega Nights’ or ‘Ricky Bobby’, released in 2006 and starred Will Ferrell as an esteemed NASCAR driver hell bent on finishing first in every race. His marquee saying was ‘If you ain’t first, you’re last.’

During the film, we get a few scenes inside Bobby’s house, which he shares with his wife Carley (portrayed by Leslie Bibb) and two sons. Throughout the film, we get glimpses of the room, from the dining room to the living room, to the driveway. At one point in the film, John C. Reilly’s character describes feeling uncomfortable in Bobby’s house and describes some of the features, namely a stereo and a TV. Reilly’s character also confesses that he believes the house is haunted.

In the real world, the house features six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, two docks, a boat lift area, a beach, an infinity pool, a hot tub, and a putting green.

It may or may not be haunted. Surprisingly, that is not on the Zillow listing.

How did ‘Talladega Nights’ do at the box office?

‘Tallaedega Nights’ opened up as the number one movie in the nation, grossing $47 million its first week. At the time, it was Ferrell’s biggest opening weekend ever. It was eventually passed by ‘The Lego Movie’ in 2014.

It remains Ferrell’s fourth-highest grossing film of all-time and remains a cult classic. Ricky Bobby is one of the characters Ferrell is most known for now.

Who was the better driver, Kevin Harvick or Ricky Bobby?

It’s unknown how long Ricky Bobby’s prime was, but during his peak, Bobby could not be beat. He was so good, that even his family dinners were sponsored by Taco Bell, Powerade, and Mountain Dew.

Bobby became an icon in the sport. His reckless attitude, and willingness to throw caution to the wind, drew eyes from all over the globe. It would’ve been considered arrogant if he wasn’t winning all the time.

Ultimately, Bobby’s strong run came to an end when a French Formula 1 driver Jean Girard joined the NASCAR circuit and crushed Bobby. After a brief hiatus from NASCAR, Bobby returned to the sport for the Talladega 500, losing to Naughton after attempting to finish the race on foot with Girard.

Harvick’s prime lasted much longer than Bobby’s. Harvick retired as the sport’s 10th-most winningest driver with 60 victories on the Cup Circuit and a Cup Championship in 2014. Between 2007 and 2022, Harvick had earned approximately $210 million through his annual salary and endorsements.

The Cup Championship is what stands out to me in this debate. Bobby never truly earned the recognition of being the best in NASCAR until the very end of the film, and that was just one race. Harvick proved his superiority over the course of an entire season. While he may not have been as big a hit with the fans, he has a much better case for being a better driver all-time.

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